Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Designs Look Bigger at a Glance

1.Adding storage
If your new house is not really huge in size, you can still choose the best for simple small bathroom designs. It does not matter if the bathroom size is relatively small as there are still many ways to make it look bigger at a glance. The first thing would be to add some storage in your bathroom. In this case, the storage is not cabinets, but open shelving instead. Put bathroom essentials in the shelves and let it showcasing your bathroom, especially the towels. The idea is to put playful colors and give warmth to the room and reduce space for unwanted furniture.

You can also try other ideas such as adding colorful ladders to store your bathroom essentials as it can showcase your personality. It is an excellent choice to store the containers. Another idea is to provide bathroom a fashionable touch by adding floating shelves to give more storage. If you want to have a more accessible storage, you can drill, stack, or place wooden crates on the wall or on the ground respectively. To hide bathroom cleaning products, you can add sink skirts in the bathroom to provide more flair.

2.Making the space functional
The second way is to make your bathroom as most functional as it can be. It is important to note that functionality plays a huge role in maintaining the small space. Make sure you only put functional elements inside. Do not ever put unimportant objects which will only take more space. Some tips in avoiding such cases include: storage under the sink, put a hamper, store swabs and cotton balls on floating shelves inside glass jars, put stackable baskets above dryer/washer units and under cabinets, store bathroom essentials instead of displaying them to minimize the space.

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3.Planning color pallet combinations
The third way is to plan your color palette. It takes a great deal of time to paint the bathroom wall. Therefore, preparing the palette beforehand will give some advantages. It brings calm vibe and make it look aesthetically pleasing. In order to achieve that, you have to form the basic theme for bathroom by making a neutral palette, and then utilize patterns and textures to add depth and creativity by choosing the neutral tones. Well, keep in mind that white is the most used color for bathroom wall as it gives the clean ambience.

Last but not least, it is not a sin to add some additional colors. The alternative way which is similar to painting your bathroom wall is to showcase the colorful tile, hand towels, robes, and even rugs to make your own personal flair and ambience. The following tips are useful to engage in the idea of giving your bathroom more colors. First, hang vibrant and bold robes or towels to add personality and color in bathroom. Second, display stylish accessories and soap dishes to create a designer-like bathroom, and then paint an accent color to your mirror frame.

Similar to the previous explanation, if your new house only has a relatively small space for bathroom, you might want to consider the simple bathroom designs. The design is often associated with modern styles, and simplicity is its key role. Another emphasize to be noted in order to adopt this bathroom design is to keep the room open to provide more organic space which is free of clutter. You can use cabinetry and built-in shelves to hide unwanted essentials. Leave all novelty items and toiletries outside the bathroom space, as you want to be relaxed inside the room and keep it clean all the time. Just don’t clutter bathroom with unnecessary things. Choose backsplash and tile with geometric shapes to add character and interest without reducing the minimalist design.

Some important things to make your bathroom look simple yet modern include the bathroom wall, framed mirrors with geometric shapes, organic vibe, small pots of white flowers on the shelves, modern prints along with frames, wood and concrete elements, and mirror with floor-to-ceiling size. Moreover, instead of adding more colors, choosing only grey and white towels would be enough.

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