The Advantages of Replacing Bathtub and Bathroom Corner Shelving

If your new house still has more space, you can consider having bathroom with bathtub. Usually, people will have oval-shaped bathtub for their bathroom, but having pedestal tub or the rectangular one instead is also okay. The latter kind of bathtub is also called as freestanding bathtubs. It belongs to the modern bathroom styles. The key role to have the perfect freestanding bathtubs is to keep it sharp and symmetrical by placing it in a spot which strategically enhances the feng shui of the room. It doesn’t really matter if you don’t believe in such things, because the idea is worth a try.

If you are currently wondering which one is better between tub and shower, you can actually have both for your bathroom with tub and shower. Even though your new house bathroom might have lack of space, there are some tips to make it happen in such small room. In fact, once you’ve succeeded in putting both tub and shower, it will give you a spatial standpoint which is very practical, actually.

The most important thing in having that kind of bathroom design is to choose the ideal layout. If you have a relatively small bathroom, you can put the shower in the tub to maximize the remaining space for your bathroom essentials. Meanwhile, if you have a rather big space, you can put the shower and the tub separately as you can design the shower as the walk-through beside the tub. You can put a glass wall to differentiate the shower zone to the tub room. Or you can put smaller tub and place the shower in the middle to connect it still with the tub.

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Another thing that is worth to be noted is to waterproofing. If you have both the shower and the tub, the role of waterproofing is vital as it will help you in maintaining the bathroom tiles, drain, and other materials. For easier installation, you might want to consider placing it in the built-in tubs instead of the freestanding tubs. Keep in mind if you want to put the bathroom tiles up to the ceiling, choose the waterproof bathroom walls.

Generally, there are many kinds of bathroom corner shelving available out there. All you need to consider is whether your bathroom still has some space for it. If your bathroom already has large cabinets, perhaps the bathroom essentials can be stored there. Or, if you want to showcase towels, you can put in on the colorful ladders. It is as easy as that.

The options for bathroom shelves are varied, but the most common one is metal bathroom shelving unit. It aims to provide more space to put your bathroom essentials, such as your towels and dressing gown. From ornate to classic or from sleek and stylish to modern style, the ideal design should be the one which is fully functional when placed in the bathroom. It also has to serve as a kind of storage for other bathroom essentials. No matter what style the shelves have, make sure to choose the most functional one for your bathroom.

Slightly similar to the previous explanation, yet still a different one, in order to choose the best bathroom toilet shelving unit, you have to make sure you have the appropriate space above your toilet. It does not have to be metal shelves. You can choose the wooden ones instead. It is important to note that the shelves should be powerful enough in order to be the base for storage of bathroom essentials. You can have up to 3-4 wooden shelves above your toilet if possible.

Last but not least for ideal bathroom countertop shelving unit, you can choose one which reflects your personality. If you are the kind of person who often sees your own reflection in mirror, you can have countertop shelves which have mirror outside and storage inside. Therefore, you can save more space in the room. However, if you prefer to keep things in traditional way, simply choose the countertop shelves which only have the function of being the storage for your bathroom essentials.

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