Kinds of Toilet and Bathroom Design

An ideal house should contain at least one bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathroom. Especially for bathroom, no matter how big or small the room is, there must be a toilet inside. If you are currently building your own house from scratch, make sure to follow this guide of toilet and bathroom design as it provides many kinds of designs that could serve as an inspiration for you. No need to worry as there are many choices available that you can choose. Make sure the choices suit the selected theme for your bathroom.

As mentioned previously, to choose the ideal bathroom decor styles, pick one which suits the selected theme that you apply for bathroom. It can be a modern theme, the contemporary and postmodern ones, or even the classic style. It is important to gather options and ideas to make an efficient and attractive-looking bathroom in your house. The following bathroom designs could help you in choosing the most ideal one for future bathroom. Even more, it can be your opportunity to express yourself by sorting the choices according to your personal preferences in an aesthetic way. It seems interesting, right?

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Your New House Bathroom Designs

First things first, for your new house bathroom designs, make sure to choose the ones which reflect your personality. As stated before, this is the perfect time to express yourself by selecting bathroom design through your personal preferences. If your personality is less experimental and more straightforward, you can choose traditional or classic style. Examples for these styles include the historical styles and early 20th century styles like mission style or Arts-and-Crafts style. Generally, the characteristics of traditional styles follow a historical rulebook. It features the touches of authentic period when it comes to the tiles, fixtures, and color schemes.

On contrary, if you feel like you belong to the current postmodern world, choose the contemporary or modern bathroom styles. These usually include the design of midcentury modern period, the flowing curves of bathroom design, and incorporate angular-shaped corners. The styles often feature the designs of contrasting textures and patterns to make it look up-to-date. Many people think of the styles as forward-looking, but also simultaneously classic at the same time.

If you have more than one bathroom at home, you can choose another style for master bathroom. If you are an easy going person, you might want to choose the eclectic style. It is quite popular nowadays to adopt this kind of design. It has the tendency to combine seemingly unrelated or disparate elements to create playful, striking, and visually interesting styles seamlessly. For example, you can create contrast-looking wallpaper using the mixture of geometric tile and pastoral scenes. On the other hand, an additional tub with claw-like foots will make an interesting and unique design as the decorative item can be displayed besides the shelves of essential supplies.

Other options for the main bathroom designs are the country and rustic style. Many people find it appealing as they can bring outside things inside the house by using reclaimed or unfinished wood for furniture or cabinets. Using other natural elements like flowers and plants is also the perfect idea. Furthermore, to unite the design of a down-home theme, you can add sturdy toilets and tubs of classic porcelain as well as other decorative patterns like gingham, toile, and plaid on linens and wallpaper.

Romantic, Victorian, and European designs are included as well in popular bathroom styles. These often feature more whimsical and softer approach with tufted light and seating, using soft colors like light yellows, pinks, or blues. The frames for mirrors are often silver or gold-colored with elaborate fauna and flora designs.

If you want to have luxury bathroom designs, just choose a specific style from other regions. For example, the Italian region which inspires the Tuscan style is famous for its relaxing elegance. It features terracotta and earth tones tile for the wallpaper as well as the flooring. The most popular ones are yellows, burnt oranges, and rusty reds. Another style comes from France which often feature study mirror frames and wooden furniture along with elaborate tile work in contrast-looking light and dark colors, for an elegant and welcoming style.

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